According to a poll conducted by the Thomson Reuters U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey, almost another of respondents who needed legal services considered legal professional directories, and 24% began conducting online research for law organizations in a day.

In this high-speed era of smartphones and internet users, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. And luckily for your law firm, attracting new customers by establishing a strong online occurrence is very achievable because of legal directories. By getting listed, you can leverage these powerful digital marketing tools to work on your side.

Let’s take a closer look at what legal professional directories will offer you and the best legal directories to get listed in.

Benefits of Listing Your LAWYER in Lawyer Directories
Establishing an online presence is critical to building an effective business in the twenty-first century. Legal directories offer your lawyer ways to connect with not only clients but also other lawyers.

Lawyer directories – also known as legal directories – are databases of attorneys that enable clients and law organizations to search for legal representatives by location, practice area, or firm. Today, digital versions of the directories also let attorneys and law businesses like yours improve your Google ranking and market your services in new ways.

Some online directory for lawyers require you to pay to be listed, while others offer free listings you can claim. Some law web directories also cater to specific types of law practices, such as personal injury or bankruptcy, while some cover the whole legal industry.

By maintaining your listings in the best law firm directories, your firm can:

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Build trust with your clients: Being listed in certain lawyer directories raises your credibility with clients. As an example, some directories require their legal representatives to get verdicts over a specific amount, spotlighting your credentials. You might also be able to display your rating with a prestigious legal directory with a digital badge on your website, enhancing your reputation.
Establish your expertise: Many legal directories allow law businesses and attorneys to create legal articles on their website. As many people visit these websites for free legal resources, publishing articles is a great way to establish your expertise and market your services.

Help clients find you: Legal directories inevitably arrive on the first search results page (SERP) of a potential client, rendering it much more likely that they’ll find your law firm if you’re listed. If you make sure you be listed in multiple top directories, your likelihood of being found and chosen by clients increases.

Enable other law businesses to find you: Potential clients aren’t the one people who search legal directories. Law businesses that need to refer cases to other law businesses also use lawyer directories to find reputable legal representatives as if you. By marketing yourself this way, you can gain more business from your fellow legal teams.

Make your business website much easier to find: Most attorney directories include links to a law firm’s website called a backlink. When you can get inbound links from multiple credible legal directories, your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) rises, which makes your business website much easier to find in a potential client’s online search.

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