Amazon is now the biggest retailer in america, detailed with its own delivery network of vans and smaller delivery trucks and sub-contractors. Amazon provides quick delivery times to customers within its expanding business design. It is Amazon’s obsession with speedy delivery and low-operating costs that are at the root of a mushrooming problem – safety. Before couple of years, Amazon delivery trucks have been linked to numerous fatal and non-fatal crashes across the country. The company refuses to adequately train its drivers and instead pushes for even more quickly delivery times, forcing the drivers to use risks. Let’s check out the way Amazon structures its delivery network, its failure to teach drivers, and exactly how this influences pedestrians and everyone who drives an automobile.

Amazon Delivery Network
In 2018, Amazon shipped practically five billion packages. To get this done, it had a large number of drivers around the country who picked up parcels at delivery hubs. Some of the delivery folks for Amazon are Flex drivers who are believed independent contractors and use their own vehicles. The majority of drivers work through contracts with delivery service partners (DSP) or third-party providers. Amazon controls the routes, the drivers, and the item, while the DSP is in charge of the driver’s wages, health advantages, and vehicle maintenance.

Training and Tracking Packages
Amazon is in charge of training the drivers. The company also makes sure that drivers are moving the merchandise effectively. To keep track of deliveries, Amazon gives its delivery contractors “rabbits,” small devices that track the drivers. Apart from monitoring the driver’s movement along a route, the rabbits also scan packages and aid in navigation. According to Business Insider, drivers said they can be pressured to make deliveries quicker and admitted they ran red lights and drove at high speeds to get this done. click here for more details

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Amazon Faces Multiple Lawsuits
Because of the tight control Amazon has over driver routes and duties, the company’s insistence on having no responsibility has been challenged in multiple lawsuits. Many contractors deal exclusively with Amazon. Since Amazon controls businesses and whether a driver will be fired, this intervention may place them ready of liability as it pertains to traumatic injuries and fatalities.

Amazon is Ignoring the necessity for Safety Training
Safety training is mandatory for some delivery drivers. Because of the number of fatal accidents involving Amazon drivers, in 2018, the business advanced a proposal to provide more training to drivers. The blueprint was for drivers to undergo a five-day rigorous training protocol on the highway, evaluated by an outdoor company with experience. The driving course never happened. Amazon vetoed the driving course because it will interfere with deliveries. Internal documents at Amazon showed that the business believed it might cause a “bottleneck” that would keep new drivers from making deliveries. Due to the more than one billion packages that might be delivered above the holiday season, the company needed drivers to get started on immediately, according to a logistics division manager. Unlike other carriers, Amazon is ignoring the necessity for safety training as its operational network grows.

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