If you are struggling to pay your bills and you are being harassed by aggressive creditors, it could be tempting to employ the first attorney you find. However, choosing your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 legal professional is one of the most crucial decisions you can make, so you need to get it right.
Below are six things you should look for in bankruptcy attorney charleston sc:

1. Bankruptcy Experience

Although any qualified legal professional can represent you in a bankruptcy filing, you should hire an legal professional familiar with filing bankruptcy cases. Ask what percentage of the lawyer’s practice is bankruptcy and how many bankruptcy cases the legal professional has filed. You should also ask the attorney about the types of bankruptcy cases the lawyer handles. Specifically, you should make certain the attorney you decide to handle your case has experience with the sort of Bankruptcy you are filing-whether it is Chapter 7, 11, or 13.

2. Quality Services for Reasonable Price

The fee a law firm charges is often a huge factor in choosing the legal professional who will represent you. After all, you’re already struggling financially, so paying for a lawyer’s services can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, most bankruptcy attorneys understand your situation and provide comprehensive services for reasonable fees. Fee alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor as you don’t want an legal professional who’ll cut corners and not maintain your case the attention it needs.
Most bankruptcy attorneys charge a flat fee, that ought to include a variety of legal services. It really is imperative that you realize what services will (and can not) be included in payment of the fee. They should be evidently outlined in the retainer agreement.

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3. Having your Unique Needs Met

Although experience is important, additionally you don’t want to help make the mistake of working with a “bankruptcy mill.” This type of firm churns out a huge selection of cases without fully reviewing or concentrating on some of their client’s cases. In the event that you never talk with your attorney, what good are they? You need to research a law firm’s reputation, prior to hiring.

4. Local Practice

Every bankruptcy court follows federal bankruptcy laws, but each district court also offers its local rules and procedures. Dealing with a lawyer that has practiced in the court where you will be filing your case and who’s familiar with the neighborhood rules and trustees is important.

5. Option of the Attorney

Uncover what aspects of the procedure the legal professional will be handling on your case. Who will be preparing your petition? Ask how long it will require for your phone calls to get returned. You will need to choose if you are comfortable with the answer.

6. Your COMFORT AND EASE with the Attorney

At your initial consultation, you should feel comfortable with the attorney. It could sound obvious, but choosing an legal professional you aren’t more comfortable with or you are feeling doesn’t care will not workout for you. You intend to use somebody you trust and that you may easily talk to. Filing bankruptcy can be an emotional matter for most people, and it’s important you are feeling good about the legal professional you are working with. This is especially true if you are filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy which lasts from 3 to 5 5 years. Therefore, no matter how experienced the attorney is, if you don’t feel safe through the first meeting, they aren’t the legal professional for you.

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